Setting Out

It is vital that your project has accurate and reliable survey control. Working from the whole to the part, we can take responsibility for the complete dimensional accuracy of the project, and issue co-ordinates to trade sub-contractors as needed, or, establish local control for those sub-contractors to work from. Having one survey company take this responsibility ensures minimum disruption, and maximum efficiency

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Horizontal Survey Control

Warner Surveys can establish a fully closed and adjusted high order primary control traverse around your site. From the primary network, secondary control can be established through the site. The primary control would be periodically checked and adjusted when necessary. Secondary and tertiary control can be established to suit, as and when required at different build phases of the project.

Vertical Survey Datums

Veritcal level datums are as important as horizontal control. Datums are fully and unambiguously marked at locations and times to suit the phases of the project. Level datums are established from the primary control network already established. As for horizontal control, it is important that only one survey company is responsible for marking datums to ensure no ambiguity, confusion or disputes.

Piling / Brickwork / Cladding / Diagrids, etc

Warner Surveys has a long tradition in setting out all elements of a project, from piles to roof trusses. We understand and take responsibility for ensuring we have the latest revisions of drawings to avoid setting out old data. We are well versed in the different tolerances needed for difft elements, from setting a pin for a pile, to ensuring highly accurate 3D positioning of a complex diagrid.

Fabrication Shop to site – ‘First Time Lift & Fit’

Pre-Assembled Units (PAU’s) – Warner Surveys can work closely with the client, designers and fabricators to ensure complex structures are accurately buit and installed. We have worked on projects such as the British Museum Great Court roof and City Hall diagrids. These types of project often involve regular trips to fabrication shops to work with the fabricators to ensure elements of the building are built and signed off before they are despatched to site. This attention to detail will ensure that there are no on site delays due to rework, and that all elements fit together efficiently on site

SET1 - Setting Out

Setting Out


Datum Lines

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