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UAV / Drone Projects WITH Surveying Knowledge

Warner Surveys has been granted permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate UAV’s. Utilising our 40 year history of conventional survey expertise we ensure that real world positioning and co-ordination of our UAV surveys, along with ISO accredited QA procedures, gives you maximum confidence in the survey results.

The UAV / Drone as a Survey Tool

UAV surveys are a highly cost effective way of surveying large areas of land. Surveying remotely using a UAV is much safer than sending an operative onto a stockpile or landfill site.

UAVs can access many areas where scaffold. access towers and cherry pickers would traditionally take time, cost and licensed operators to access. It is safer and quicker to use the UAV for inspection and to locate areas of concern, which can then be accessed locally with a targeted approach for maintenance.

New and Existing Survey Activities

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones have gone through a rapid period of development in recent years, allowing longer flight time and more sophisticated payloads to be carried. Combined with recent software advances this means that UAVs can now be incorporated into a number of new and existing survey and inspection activities including:

  • Volumetric Stockpile Surveys – Quarries, Mines, Landfill, etc.
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Building Surveys
  • Point Cloud Data Collection
  • Progress Monitoring – Construction Sites, Landfill, Seasonal Changes, etc.
  • Inspection Surveys – Roofs, Hidden Valleys, Chimneys, Towers, Parapet gullies, etc.

Deliverables can Include:

  • Orthophoto – .geotif, .jpeg
  • Point Cloud – .las .laz
  • Digital Surface Model – .geotif
  • 3D Textured Model – .obj, .mtl, .jpeg
  • Downloadable PDF Reports

Case Studies:

See UAV / Drone related case studies here.

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  • UAV / Drone in Flight

  • Stockpile Volume Survey - Processed On-line

  • Basic Topographic Survey from UAV / Drone Data

  • 3D Point Cloud Produced from UAV / Drone Data

  • UAV Inspection Survey