International Coverage

From the earliest days of Warners, 40 years ago, we have always been asked carry out surveys abroad. The majority of this work is for the Oil, Gas & Industrial department, particularly in the Middle East. However, whether it be a measured building survey in the south of France, an F1 race track in the USA, or, a land survey in Nigeria, we have always applied the same thoroughness and survey knowledge to the challenge.

Overseas Highlights:

Below is a list of some of the highlights.

  • Baku, Azerbaijan – Ship deck verification surveys for transportation of oil refinery structures
  • Bahrain – Oil refinery turnaround project
  • China – 3D industrial survey in fabrication shop
  • Caux-et-Sauzens, France – Large land survey of grounds and measured building survey of Chateau
  • Paris EuroDisney, France – 15 Months on site during initial construction in 1990/91
  • Ghana – Land survey
  • Gibraltar – Measured building survey of a bank
  • Gibraltar, Rock of – Land survey strip from foot to top of rock
  • India – Oil refinery turnaround project
  • Israel – Power station 3D laser scan and 3D CAD model
  • Venice, Italy – Fabrication checks on oil refinery equipment pre mobilisation to site
  • Kazakhstan – see here for more information
  • Kuwait – turnaround project for oil refinery
  • Montenegro – Measured building survey
  • Abuja, Nigeria – Land survey and setting out project
  • Norway – Oil refinery turnaround project
  • Qatar –  3D laser scan survey and 3D CAD model of part of airport
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Survey consultancy work to transport infrastructure project
  • Siberia – 3D laser scan of gas installation facility
  • Singapore – 4 km’s of pipe rack 3D laser scanned for oil refinery. 3D CAD model produced
  • South Korea – Oil refinery turnaround project
  • Taiwan – Power station 3D laser scan and 3D CAD model
  • Trinidad – 3D survey of oil storage tank. Calibration certificate produced
  • United Arab Emirates – Many construction projects
  • Los Angeles, USA – Oil refinery coker unit turnaround project
  • Washington DC, USA – Land survey and drainage investigation on UK Govt owned facility
  • USA – 10+ 3D laser scans of car race tracks

Case Studies:

See our international survey related case studies here.

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  • Measured Survey - Chateau in France

  • Extensive Land Survey in Kurdistan, Iraq

  • Gibraltar - Trig Stn at Caroline Battery on Rock - Part of strip survey up the rock

  • Azerbaijan, Baku - Ship Surveys

  • Surveying in Shanghai, China

  • Surveying in Kurdistan, Iraq

  • Surveying in Italy