Watercourse / Channel Surveys

Flood Risk Mitigation Surveys

Flood risk mitigation modelling and hydrographic studies need accurate reliable data supplied in recognisable formats, from CAD section drawings to text files. Warner Surveys have produced many hundred’s of long & cross sections for prestigious clients and major infrastructure projects in the UK.


Of paramount importance in the water environment, our team includes a surveyor with 25+ years of kayak, canoe and coaching experience to carry out any boat work required. We have access to a welfare van, with toilet and washing facilities which has been useful on more remote sites and used as a case study by one large client.

Leica Equipment and Data Capture

WS uses the latest Leica GPS and Total Station instrumentation for total reliability in the field. Data is captured to Environment Agency standards and processed using industry recognised software to produce deliverables that can be imported into all flood modelling software.

Lake Bed Profiling

Other water related surveys include lake bed profiling (inc Echo sounding, if required); mapping of island extents in watercourses; use of UAV / Drones to capture, eg, bridge soffit detail, etc.

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  • Watercourse Surveyed Sections

  • Our 25 Yr+ Experienced Kayak Operative & Surveyor Profiling a Lake Bed

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