Monitoring Solutions

Warner Surveys has been carrying out a wide variety of monitoring schemes for clients for more than 20 years, and offers a complete range of manual and automated monitoring services to meet all your survey requirements. We use the latest technology and provide you with reliable, high quality data.

Movement & Deformation Monitoring

Movement monitoring mitigates the risk of unnoticed movement and future litigation through the checking of the as-built environment.

We utilise equipment including high order total stations, piezometers, inclinometers, strain gauges, tilt beams and various other sensors. Our online portal, remotely activated trigger level alerts and regularly issued reports create a complete monitoring solution, alternatively manual monitoring can be undertaken through regular surveyor site visits.

Real-Time Noise, Dust & Vibration (NDV) Monitoring

We can install and set up sensors at agreed locations around your site to ensure you have the data you need to remain compliant with any planning constraints. Trigger values can be set, and automatic emails sent when values are in danger of being breached.

We can install a variety of sensors and establish the live uplinks to our online monitoring portal. Sensors include microphones, dust sensors and vibration sensors. All data is accessible via a password protected online monitoring portal and is securely stored for future use.

Environmental Compliance Monitoring

With the risk of prosecution, and the need to be a responsible contractor, NDV services are more critical than ever. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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