Single Weld Hook-Up Project

Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan




2013 - Present

The wellhead pressure management phase of Tengizchevroil’s future growth project (FGP) is well under way. Warner was appointed in 2013 as part of the team providing front-end engineering design (FEED) and engineering, procurement and construction management activities. The FEED stage is now complete and the detailed engineering, fabrication and installation ongoing.

Single Weld Hook-Up

Warner’s appointment is to oversee all dimensional control aspects throughout the project, with the aim of ensuring first time fit on site – a process referred to as single weld hook-up. While laser scanned models are being used to ensure clash prevention, process plant design and asset management, this technology will only be deployed during engineering and construction to provide final clearance checks prior to shipping through dimensionally restricted inland waterway systems.

+/- 2mm Working Tolerance

The extent of the project and the off-site fabrication of modules in South Korea, Kazakhstan and Italy require the application of high-end dimensional control techniques throughout to ensure correct final positioning as per the design, working within very tight tolerances of less than ±2mm. Warner Surveys is involved in the full timeline of every module, from fabrication, through to transportation, to on-site positioning and the final hook-up.

Fabrication in South Korea, Kazakhstan & Italy

Working closely with Korean and Kazak fabrication teams from its office in Kazakhstan, Warner is responsible for the establishment and implementation of standard operating procedures and validating the accuracy of the fabrication process through to sign-off. Constant monitoring and reporting allows any occurrences outside of accepted tolerances to be checked back with designs and the necessary amendments made before shipping to site. As part of this brief, Warner Surveys is involved with marking the cut lines for pipe connections.

Installation in Tengiz, Kazakhstan

On-site, the company continues to manage the civils interface by setting out demarcation lines and match marks to allow cranes and other module transportation systems to manoeuvre and lower modules into place on the concrete foundations to achieve the delicate fit required. The result is a perfect single weld hook up, minimising construction timescales and avoiding costly on-site reworking.

Key Facts:

  • 18 surveyors at peak in South Korea
  • 39 surveyors at peak in Kazakhstan
  • 154 No Units fabricated & positioned
  • Avg unit size: 63m x 15m x 27m
  • 4,000+ individual tie in points surveyed

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  • Single Weld Hook-Up

  • Typical unit being installed on site

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