The Great Court Project

British Museum


Waagner Biro



Designed by Foster + Partners and employed by Waagner Biro, Warner Surveys were responsible for initial measured building surveys through to final setting out of the 'ladder' elements that the glazed roof panels fitted into.

Warner Surveys were responsible for the dimensional control of the complex roof structure. WS provided full time dimensional control services to the steelwork & glass fabricators, Waagner Biro. This included fabrication shop surveys and QA sign off, before elements were transported to site.

First Time Lift and Fit

Because of the nature of the site, with narrow surrounding roads and no lay down area, the roof elements had to be lifted from the lorry directly into place on the roof. A true ‘first time lift and fit exercise.

Activities included;

  • Installation of Primary and Secondary control networks
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Positioning of complex steel-work roof sections
  • As-built surveys of complex steel-work roof sections post welding to determine glass tolerance issues (all 3,500 unique glass panels fitted first time)


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  • Aerial View of the Glass Panels of the Roof