Setting Out the Brickwork Cladding at

New Tate Modern


Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd


2015 - 2016

Situated on the site of the former Bankside power station, the new Tate Modern forms an iconic addition to London’s skyline. Designed by Swiss architects Herzog and Meuron, the new building comprises a 64.5 metre 10-storey tower in the form of an imposing ziggurat which sits on top of three underground concrete oil tanks, now converted to museum space.

Setting Out the Brick Cladding System

Known as the Switch House, the twisting pyramid-like shape of the tower’s exterior features latticed ‘chainmail’ brickwork, stacked in a double-bond and threaded together on steel rods, over a concrete cage. Warner Surveys were appointed by Swift Brickwork Contractors to check the position of the previously installed halfen channels and to then set out the brickwork cladding system on the building. The angular design of the building posed a challenge, with precision a prime requisite.

High Accuracy Survey Control and Instrumentation

Warner Surveys were responsible for checking the existing survey control network and adding additional control points where required.All four corners of every halfen channel had to be surveyed and each point compared to design – in total 15,000 channels covering 60,000 surveyed points.Using a 1” Leica TS15 total station, the cladding support system brackets that connect to the halfen channels were accurately set-out. Each bracket was set out to a tolerance of +/- 2mm.

First Time Fit

With the cladding support brackets accurately placed, the brickwork cladding could be installed to the required tolerances, resulting in a stunning building which has been widely acclaimed for its architecture.
We are pleased to have been involved in this project, and wish all at Tate Modern well with their new building.


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  • Tate Modern Extension – Finished!

  • Close-up View of some of the 15,000 Halfen Channels

  • Warner Surveys Setting Out Brickwork Cladding Support Brackets