7 Jun 2019

How do we quote on your scope?

What is the process for quoting on an enquiry here at Warner Surveys?

Step 1 You need a survey     

If you need a survey then you will get in touch via email, phonecall or maybe our ‘Quick Quote‘ facility. The key point, is that whoever you contact within the company, be it business development, a surveyor, a survey manager or even one of the company directors, they will first establish the purpose of the survey and therefore which of our specialisms you need for the job. Your enquiry will then be directed to the relevant department. From there the Survey Manager whose area of expertise matches the project will take on the quote and assess the requirements. We will focus particularly on what the ultimate goal is of the scope and then advise appropriately on the best survey method and deliverable to achieve the end goals efficiently and to a high quality. Taking ownership of your project and speaking to our clients is particularly important to us at Warner Surveys so if your phone rings it’s only us looking to discuss some details to ensure you get the best value.

Step 2 – Scope and costing

Factors that can affect the cost for most topographic type surveys include the area for survey, level of detail required, complexity of the area (an empty field is low complexity and so can be surveyed faster than say a dense urban area). It is especially important to discuss the reason for the survey, to ensure that you are receiving an appropriate level of detail and deliverable, this will often help reduce the overall cost of the survey.

Step 3 – Issuing of the quote

Once all the details of the quote have been worked out, our Survey Manger will pull together the quotation and send on the details to you. They will then aim to follow up and get any feedback from you around a week later to make sure everything required is in place and see if you have anything else such as changes to the scope that need to be addressed.

Step 4 – Delivering the scope, or, feedback

If we are then awarded the scope then we look forward to working with you! The Survey Manager will schedule the project into the works program, usually for within around 2-5 days, although for emergencies we can usually get people on site for when you need. We will also keep you updated on when the survey team are undertaking the work and when to expect the final deliverables. If however we have not been successful in the tender competition we will endeavour to do better next time, where possible we ask for feedback so we can continue to improve our service offerings.

Step 5 – See you again

Win or lose we look forward to the next tender.


For more information you can get in touch with Operations Director, Clif Webb