Oil, Gas & Industrial Clash Detection

With the advent of 3D Laser Scanning – achieving a clash free design is now a realistic goal. Accurate and complete 3D images, CAD models and project visualisations can now be provided for virtually any complex, congested industrial environment.

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The “As Built” Environment

Clash Free design can only be achieved if the base information is a genuine representation of the “as built” environment. All reference to historic design drawings and the use of CAD models based on design information must be avoided.

Survey Grade Accuracy

There are many false claims made with regard to the accuraccy of 3D CAD Models produced from Laser Scanning. With proper consideration to the environment and by using tried and tested dimensional control techniques with high order Total Station survey control a final model accuracy of 5 to 10mm is very achievable and entirely fit for purpose.

Clash & First Time Fit

The concept of clash free design is simple – The relationship between new plant and existing plant is fully understood at the design stage and therefore clashes between new and existing are avoided. However “first time fit” goes a step further and addresses bolt orientation, civils interfaces, flange perpendicularity, bellows pre-sets, root gaps and weld preps – 1mm accuracy and high order survey instrumentation are required here.

A Clash is a Clash!

Avoiding unexpected clashes between new and existing plant during installation is the primary goal of laser scanning and modelling, but a poor fit up between critical interfaces such as replacement Reactor / Regenerator heads is still a clash with devastating consequences to cost and critical path. Warner Surveys have an unrivalled track record in achieving very complex fit ups under very hostile conditions.

Combined Technology

Recognising the right circumstances to deploy the right methods and equipment is vital – early involvement is always good. Warner Surveys can make significant contributions at FEED and constructability stage.

CLA1 - Clash Detection Model for Crane Animation

Clash Detection Model for Crane Animation

CLA2 - 3D Model for Clash Detection

3D Model for Clash Detection

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