Oliviu Tulai


Oliviu Tulai is a geomatics and civil engineer, with 12 years of experience in land surveying. He started his career working in surveying projects aiming to provide remote villages with road networks, natural gas mains, plumbing and potable water systems.

In 2015, Oliviu moved to the United Kingdom where he started learning about GPR array systems and their applications. In this role he took part in surveys around the most iconic places in London. One of the surveys that stands out is the GPR survey for London Cycle Superhighways in which he led the GPR site team.

Oliviu worked for a multi-disciplinary engineering company based at Heathrow airport where he was responsible for delivering the survey result to the airport team. He took part in projects at Gatwick and Birmingham airports; as well as Cornwall airport for the G7 summit 2021.