Georgiana Rusu PhD


A graduate of Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Romania, she completed her PhD degree in Civil Engineering at the same university in 2016, specialising in Construction Monitoring. As part of her PhD programme, Georgiana conducted seminars as an assistant lecturer, attended several international conferences, and published more than twelve scientific articles.

Before moving to the United Kingdom, Georgiana worked as a Deputy Director General for one of the major surveying companies in Romania. With 13 years of experience in site engineering surveys, monitoring and topographic surveys, Georgiana is now responsible for the delivery of various major projects within our London office as the offices Senior Survey Manager.

Georgiana is keen to develop her leadership and managerial skills, she completed the International Master of Business Administration Courses at Anglia Ruskin University, London.

When not dedicating her time to Warner Surveys, Georgiana can be found in the park reading (many) books or jogging the footpaths!