29 Nov 2018

Warner Surveys employs UAV Project Manager

WS is delighted to announce that Adam Tate is joining the company as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Project Manager. Adam will be responsible for delivering all projects across the business that involve UAVs to obtain aerial footage and survey data.

Recently, with the development of UAV technologies, it has become more achievable and cost effective for UAVs to be utilised for surveying and mapping of sites as well as creating visual data records and high definition inspection data.

Adam has been involved in the United Kingdom’s UAV sector since 2013. He is accomplished in completing inspections on some of the country’s largest projects, such as shopping centres, NHS hospitals and surveying 58km corridor around Edinburgh airport to name a few. Adam takes a keen interest in the advancements within the sector to continue to bring time and cost savings to clients.

WS is looking forward to welcome new projects that require the use of UAVs to acquire geospatial data and are thrilled at the development of the new department.

If you would like to find out more about Adam Tate or have any related query, please contact him: adam.tate@warnersurveys.com

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