22 May 2018

GEO Business 2018 “BIM: through a surveyors’ lens”

Dipaneeta Das – CAD Technology / BIM Manager & Rob – BDM


“BIM: through a surveyors’ lens”

BIM is gradually transforming and ushering in a digital revolution in the construction sector, increasing efficiency and reducing risk. The process generates information models that can be used throughout the asset’s lifecycle. The onus is on the whole supply chain to develop information models. It implies that standardised processes and agreed methods are to be followed in a collaborative working environment. Hence awareness and understanding of BIM by the supply chain is critical for project success. A key member of the supply chain is the surveyors. They address topographical and positional challenges in construction projects, capturing existing scenarios to provide data rich/intelligent 3D models. This presentation from Warner Surveys highlights the role of surveyors and asks will their role change?

GEO Business 2018

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