22 Oct 2018

Warner Surveys at Digital Construction Week 2018

Last week, on 17th and 18th October, Warner Surveys exhibited at Digital Construction Week 2018. A leading event focused on new technology and digital innovation within the built environment. Hosted at the ExCel London Centre the show continues to grow and is estimated as being 25% larger than last year. With Survey data playing an increasingly vital part within BIM (Building Information Modelling) Warner Surveys took on a stand in order to discuss the latest trends and techniques within the survey industry.

UAVs, or Drones, continue to dominate the innovative technology space within Survey, however there is an increasing understanding that such aerial survey techniques are best thought of as another tool within the surveyors arsenal of equipment and techniques. Drones absolutely have their niche, allowing large areas of data to be captured whilst allowing access to difficult to reach locations and helping to removing surveyors from work locations such as track side for rail projects. However, their limitations, such as accuracy and inability to penetrate through vegetation (when using photogrammetry techniques), also means that a hybrid approach of survey techniques remains the best option to capture exactly what is needed on a survey project – of course this all depends on what exactly is specified within the scope.

We also found a continuing interest in Laser scanning, with more and more end users utilising programs such as Revit for Scan to BIM, the use of laser scanning to capture as-built data continues to be of  interest. As the skills required to utilise point cloud data itself continues to increase it will be interesting to see if requests to model point cloud into 3D Revit models decrease as users move towards a more hybrid BIM approach.

We really enjoyed our time a Digital Construction week and it was great to meet everyone that attended our stand. If there is anything you would like to know about the show or if you would like further information on anything discussed, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

For further information, contact Operations Director, Clif Webb

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