29 May 2020

Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan – Certificates of Appreciation Awarded to in Country Surveyors


Certificates of Appreciation Awarded in South Korea

Since 2017, Warners have had up to 25 surveyors on site in the DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering) Yard in South Korea, carrying out dimensional control survey works for the fabrication of the PARs and PAUs for the single weld hook up Tengizchevroil project in Kazakhstan.

As we are inside the last 12 months of these fabrication works in South Korea, the TCO FGP Fabrication Leadership team has awarded our surveyors a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’. The wording states:

“The TCO FGP Fabrication Leadership team would like to recognize you for your outstanding
contributions to the FGP Fabrication project. Your contributions have led to world class
dimensional control results which are enabling tremendous success in the module reintegration
scope of work in Tengiz. Thank you for all your hard work and dedicationto the success of the
TCO FGP Project.”

Recognition Highlighted to Site Teams in Tangiz, Kazakhstan

Earlier in the project, to compliment the above – on site in Tengiz, where the Warners site teams are receiving the fabricated PAUs and PARs and installing them, the Site Management Team published the following:

Recognition given to Warner Surveys Team throughout their site control activities. This includes the
successful start of the unit placement campaign….and now this week extending to providing leadership
and guidance to the new team on site; the Warner Surveys team continue to excel at both delivering
their scope and helping others to achieve their targets within and outside the teams across both sites”

The TCO FGP project is widely recognised as the largest oil and gas project in the world, and the Warners management team on site, and those based in the UK are extremely proud of the work our survey teams have undertaken over 8 years in South Korea & Kazakhstan. In addition, we have carried out supporting survey works in the following countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Indonesia, China, Dubai, Turkey & Azerbaijan

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