23 May 2019

GEO Business 2019

On Wednesday 22 May, Warner Surveys showcased at Geo Business 2019 Theatre 3 at 11:25am. Presented by Dipaneeta Das, CAD Technology and BIM Manager and Rob, BDM, the talk focused on Scan to BIM / Scan vs BIM: Best Practices for Quality Assurance.

Geo Business is the UK’s leading Geospatial Event. With more than 2,600 visitors the show features talks and discussions from industry leaders as well as trade stands highlighting the latest technology and innovation.

Our presentation being based on over 15 years of successfully delivering laser scanning, 3D models and more recently Revit models, the talk focused on the Best Practices 7 habits in delivering Scan to BIM projects. They are:

1. Scope of Work

    o What is the ultimate aim of the data?

2. Execution Plan

    o How best to undertake the survey and modelling

3. Data Capture and Control

o Robust, Repeatable and Auditable survey data capture

4. Registration

    o Stitching the scans

5. Modelling

    o Creating BIM-ready models from point cloud

6. Quality Check

    o Final checks to ensure auditable accuracy of the deliverable

7. Data Issue and Management

    o Often having huge file sizes, how best to manage and deliver the data

Broadly speaking, “scan-to-BIM” refers to the process of “3D laser scanning” a physical space or site, to create an accurate digital representation of it. That representation can then be used for designing, assessing progress or evaluating options.

It should be also noted that the term ‘Scan to BIM’ implies laser scanning as the main form of data collection, however modern survey technology allows photogrammetry techniques to also capture point cloud data. Combined with UAVs we are likely to continue to see a shift towards multiple types of sensors utilised for data collection.

Warner Surveys offers the full range of BIM services, with applications in all types of surveying and in all sectors, and is experienced in collaborating to deliver high profile BIM projects to meet clients’ exacting standards. For further information on Scan to BIM services please click here.

Warner Surveys 7 Habits

If you would like to find out more about Warner Surveys or have any questions please get in touch with Operations Director, Clif Webb. Alternatively, contact Dipaneeta Das, our CAD Technology and BIM manager.

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