IMS Policy


Warner Surveys (WS) has integrated the protocols of health, safety, quality and environment into a unified document, conforming with the general ISO structure of Annex SL. This has been done to provide clarity of purpose and to demonstrate that all the HSQE protocols carry equal importance to WS business practice.

“It is the policy set by the Board of Directors that all activities are performed to fulfil all relevant legal requirements concerned with the activities of the company…”

WS operates across a broad spectrum of environments; wherever an accurate, measured record of the natural or built environment is required. To demonstrate compliance WS actively manages its activities to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, and safe systems of work, are in place for all its employees and third parties to ensure the prevention of injury and ill-health and that no person is exposed to uncontrolled hazards arising from its work. Each employee is instructed in their duty of care to work safely and to take reasonable care of their own health & safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

WS are committed to providing comprehensive information, instruction, training, supervision and resources with the aim of reducing exposure to uncontrolled risk, for every employee and any other people affected by the business activity of WS so far as is reasonably practicable.

WS is committed to continually improving its performance in all aspects of its business performance. To meet this commitment, WS has made available suitable resources as the company pursues the following objectives:

  • A high degree of diligence, research, expertise and commitment to the management and control of HSQE and welfare;
  • Continuously assess its HSQE performance through internal and external audit and make improvements wherever reasonably practicable;
  • Making a commitment to comply with all applicable legal Requirement and other requirements;
  • Raise the levels of HSQE awareness throughout the workforce;
  • Empowering employees in HSQE through behavioural safety;
  • Comply with client standards, procedures and contractual requirements, where those exceed our own;
  • To maintain WS commitment to Equal Opportunities for all;
  • To improve waste management practices including; the prevention of pollution and discharge of any type of pollutant or emissions, to minimize noise and other nuisances, reduce consumption of natural resources, strive to ensure that protected heritage features and habitats are not disturbed, continuously assess environmental performance, to recycle where reasonably practicable and continue to raise levels of environmental performance throughout its workforce.

Whilst the ultimate responsibility for control of HSQE lies with the Board of Directors, the Managing Director has been nominated to have overall responsibility for effective implementation of this Policy.

The responsibility for development, maintenance, continual improvement and administrative control of the HSQE Management System has been assigned to the HSQE Manager.

Divisional Managers are responsible for implementation of the HSQE Management System throughout the organisation with the support and assistance of the HSQE Manager.