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Volume Surveys


UK Industrial Site



Volumetric stockpile measurement surveys have become extremely efficient and accurate in recent years using UAVs. At WS we have embraced this and teamed up with a cloudbased secure platform so you can visualise and analyse site data with tools everyone can use at any time in any location. All repeated site surveys are laid over one another to create a visual timeline to monitor changes and create downloadable reports.

Cloud Based Portal

Secure cloud based portal providing 24hr access to the processed data sets. Downloads available include: Orthophoto, Digital Surface Model, 3D Point Cloud , 3D Model.

With a cloud based system there is no need to install software locally to PC, and the portal is accessible on tablets and mobile phones for ‘on the move’ viewing.

3D Volume Cut and Fill

As simple as clicking the mouse pointer around the stock pile the portal will instantly work out the cut and fill volumes of the selected area. A visible 3D ‘uplift’ is generated for the user to visual confirm that the correct area has been selected.

The base ‘underside’ survey (often interpolated by the surveyor, and often not ‘flat’) is crucial for accurate volumes. Our 40 year survey heritage ensures we establish the most robust interpretation possible.

Stockpile Cross Section

The portal can generate cross sections, highlighting the peaks and troughs. These can be draped over the model for visualisation purposes. Cross sections can be compared to the interpolated base survey as shown.


Contact Adam Tate HERE or call +44 (0)121 752 1220 to discuss how we can assist your project.

Enhanced CAA Permissions Granted

We are one of a handful of UK companies to be granted permission by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly at reduced distances. This enables us to take off within 10 meters of Person, Vessel, Vehicle or Structure (PVVS), not under the remote pilots control. Standard permission is 30m. (see News Item here)


  • Online Portal Based Processing

  • Flight Path Determined

  • View of Processed Data

  • Cross Section to Aid Verification

  • Real-time MAJOR and MINOR contour lines, the intervals of which can be changed to suit projects needs.

  • Coloured elevation map - quick and easy visual of the heights of the surface model.

  • Colours highlighting the different gradients in percentages which are fully customisable to suit