Surveying in Germany

VDU Restart Project


Dutch Petro-Chem Company



Warner Surveys (WS) mobilised a specialist team to carry out the 3D laser scanning associated with a VDU Restart Project in Germany. The part of the site to be scanned was not in operation and had been idle for a number of years.

Primary Control Network Essential

The team started by performing a closed surveying control traverse around the area to be surveyed. This ensured that all the data collected by the laser scanner was correctly geo-referenced to the site grid.

It was accepted that WS, as experts in the field of 3D laser scanning, would include in our final product all pertinent information and recommendations that were necessary for our client to carry out further design / engineering works. WS arranged the work schedule so that all equipment services and personnel were available for the efficient execution of the 3D laser scanning.

Client Liaison was Critical

Any unusual findings or occurrences experienced by WS during the execution of the scanning which may have delayed the schedule, invalidate previous findings or adversely affect the usefulness of the final product were brought to the immediate attention of our client.

Deliverables – Leica Cloudworx for SmartPlant 3D

WS delivered the final 3D point cloud as a data base in CloudWorx format for further processing In SmartPlant 3D


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