Roofing Works Planned? Try:

UAV / Drone Inspection & Maintenance Surveys

Need access to a roof to: report repairs / verify positioning of new plant / assess condition of roof furniture / price extensions or re-surfacing?

The Problem:

Inspection of the higher parts of a building or structure can be prohibitive due to the cost, time and inconvenience of scaffold and / or mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). Even with those in place, certain areas can still be inaccessible and may require additional specialist roped access operatives. Even personnel on ladders present issues with Health and Safety – any person at height increases risk.

Consequently, routine maintenance is often postponed or not carried out at all. Only when a problem occurs, or an emergency happens is the, by now expensive, fault found and fixed.

The Solution:

Contract a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered company with CAA qualified pilots to carry out a remote UAV roof inspection. Subject to CAA flying rules, most locations can be risk assessed and surveyed quickly and safely.

The Cost:

Compared to regular scaffold or MEWP surveys, it is cheaper and faster to employ a UAV survey. Periodic inspection and consequent preventative maintenance make financial sense.

The Specialists:

Warner Surveys, established in 1979, has CAA certified, experienced staff, the latest equipment and capability to carry out UAV roof inspection surveys.

We supply free of charge quotes for either a one-off inspection, or, for a periodic programme of visits to suit your budget and / or the building requirements.

Enhanced CAA Permissions Granted

We are one of a handful of UK companies to be granted permission by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly at reduced distances. This enables us to take off within 10 meters of Person, Vessel, Vehicle or Structure (PVVS), not under the remote pilots control. Standard permission is 30m. (see News Item here)

The Deliverables:

  • We can offer a service where we undertake the inspection, and produce a written and photographic report, often along with a video, showing the potential faults we find. The building owner or maintenance team can interrogate the data further.
  • We can also offer a condition report written by an RICS surveyor who will comment on condition and defects.

Additional Benefits:

If requested prior to flight, the captured data can be turned into a 3-dimensional point cloud. This data can be used to produce 2D / 3D CAD drawings of certain assets. Uses may include:

  • To analyse gradients / falls on roofs or guttering to avoid / rectify water pooling issues
  • To produce plans, sections or elevations in order to determine feasibility of extending a building
  • To verify free space for additional roof mounted plant and supports – including checking clearances for installation
  • To verify available area to install solar panels


UAV Project Manager, Adam Tate HERE or call +44 (0)121 752 1220 to discuss how we can assist your project.


Typical Assets we cover:

  • External Wall Coverings
  • Roof Coverings
  • External Plant on Structures
  • Window / Façade Cleaning Apparatus
  • Larger Internal or Undercover Areas
  • Towers / Chimneys / Masts

Structure Types:

  • Retail Centres
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Domestic Property
  • Health Sector
  • Heritage Structures
  • Transport Bridges / Viaducts
  • Masts / Pylons
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar Farms and Thermal Images
  • Education Facilities
  • Military Structures

Issues we Identify:

Loose / Slipped / Missing / Incomplete / Damaged / Disconnected / Blocked:

  • Roof Coverings – Tiles / Glazed Panels
  • Parapet / Coping Stones
  • Lightning Conductors
  • Aerials and Satellite Dishes
  • Brickwork Pointing / Erosion
  • Bird Deterrent Installations
  • Guttering / Channels / Flashings
  • Flat roofs – Ponding / Disturbed Finishes
  • Emergency Signage / Lighting
  • Vegetation Growth
  • Blocked Emergency Escape Routes
  • Handrail / Protected Edge Issues
  • Green / Living Roof Condition
  • Decorative Finishes

Reasons for Inspection:

  • Fire Risk
  • Health and Safety
  • Emergency Access / Ingress Routes
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Periodic Updates
  • Internal Leaks Detected
  • Building Extension
  • Hidden Valley Inspection
  • New / Replacement Plant Location
  • Installation and Clearance Routes


UAV Project Manager, Adam Tate HERE or call +44 (0)121 752 1220 to discuss how we can assist your project.