Kuwait Survey of

Heat Exchangers


Kuwaiti Petro-Chem Company



Warner Surveys (WS) successfully carried out precise dimensional survey, 3D laser scanning and generation of a 3D model to check the feasibility of a replacement Heat Exchanger instalment in close proximity to existing units of the Heat Train located at a Petro-Chemical plant in Kuwait.

Dimensions for the scanning area were 10.00 m length X 8.00m width X 8.00m height.

3D Laser Scanning & Intelligent PDMS Model

Part of the WS scope was the 3D laser scanning and generation of an intelligent 3D model in PDMS / PDS of the marked-up equipment, inlet / outlet piping, primary and secondary steel, and support beams.

Ovality Surveys for Cutting the Vessel

Dimensional control (precise) ovality surveys at the intended cut point seam welds (East and West ends of the unit) along with further ovality surveys on the two exterior tube sheet welds close to the cut locations were taken. Measurements for the ovality surveys were recorded every 300mm at the centre of the four welds.

Result – First Time Lift & Fit of New Fabricated Components

Utilising data provided by WS, the replacement vessel section was fabricated and installed on a first time lift and fit basis during the subsequent plant shutdown.


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  • 3D Model of Heat Exchanger

  • CAD Drawing

  • The Exchanger Unit

  • CAD Ovality Drawing