Madness at

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Providing Dimensionally Accurate 3D Models for Advertising / Projection Mapping Applications

Projection Mapping for Jubilee Palace Concert

Just weeks before the Jubilee Concert, Warner Surveys were asked to carry out a 3D Laser Scan survey of the facade of Buckingham Palace and create a 3D CAD model for a Projection Mapping project.

It Was Madness

The model of the facade was used by a Projection Mapping company as a base for the spectacular images projected onto the Palace facade whilst Madness strutted their stuff on the roof on June 4th 2012.

+/- 5mm 3D Laser Scan / 3D CAD Model

Use the latest high definition laser scanning technology, the modelling accuracy that can be achieved is in the order of +/-5mm. The resulting point cloud is used to produce a detailed 3D polygon mesh. This mesh is used by the client as a reference for the animations they wish to project onto the facade.

Previously… Ralph Lauren; Bolshoi Ballet

This project follows on from similar projection mapping assignments for Ralph Lauren 4D, Nokia Lumia, Bolshoi Ballet, etc. Artwork and Animations by Treatment Studio ( on behalf of the BBC


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  • Palace Facade During Concert

  • WS Surveying Buckingham Palace Facade

  • 3D Rendered CAD Image of the Palace Facade

  • Facade Model Merged to Line Work