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Misc Clients

Need to Outsource Some CAD Work? No Problem, GIVE US A CALL on 0118 930 3314 and ask for Dipaneeta Das

Surprise Us! What do you Need Doing?

We have a number of clients who already use us extensively in this role. We will assign you to a single point of contact within our CAD department to retain project familiarity, and if needs be, you can sit with that person to instruct them on your exact requirements.

2D or 3D CAD Drawings / Animations

From Architects and Artists through Fabrication Shops, Landscaping, M&E / MEP Engineers, Furniture Makers to Interior Designers, WE CAN HELP.

Usual (& Unusual) Examples:

  • A wedding organiser who needed a layout drawn to assist in a tight seating plan design.
  • The Landscape Architect who needed a phased set of drawings produced along with Volume calculations to aid his planning process.
  • The Ground Work Contractor who needed a very highly detailed drawing produced to show how the exact dimensions of flagstones and planters would interface.
  • The hobby gardener who wanted a detailed drawing of the locations of his flower borders to cross reference against a database of plants.
  • The Petro-Chemical Company that needed extra CAD capacity to model pipe work from design drawings.
  • The local Fete organiser who needed a drawing of a grid to be used on a stall to map peoples names against who bet on which square a cow would use first
  • A local artist needing some CAD assistance with a project he was involved with.
  • The Garden Furniture Manufacturer who needed his products converted to BIM compatible Revit models for uploading to internet for architect / designers use.
  • The Heritage body that needed paper plans replicated in AutoCAD for educational use.
  • The Multi-National architectural consultant who needed Ground Modelling work carried out on a potential project in Eastern Europe.


Contact Managing Director David Hutson HERE or call +44 (0)118 930 3314 to discuss how we can assist your project.

  • 3D Model of Street Scene

  • Rendered Model of Part of an Oil Refinery

  • High Detail Domestic House Elevation

  • CAD Drawing of Garden Layout