Dimensional Control

Bio-Reactor Alignment Surveys


UK Industrial Site



Warner Surveys (WS) were contracted to carry out dimensional control surveys to two Bio-Reactors, both 50 metres long and 5.4 metres in diameter (on the riding rings). The Reactors were wobbling, resulting in the outlet hole placed in the centre of the outlet caps moving both radially and axially and proving detrimental to the performance of the reactors.

Assessing Misalignment

It was suspected that this was potentially due to either the sagging / mis-alignment of the concrete plinths, mis-alignment of bogie supports and / or the concentricity of the riding rings.

WS provided a two-man team to carry out the required survey works. This consisted of taking measurements to key critical components thought to be influencing the performance of the Reactors during their operation. Readings were taken during the Reactors unloaded and loaded states.

Primary Control is Crucial

We started by establishing a primary survey control network around the areas to be surveyed based upon an established site coordinate system that we were able to base localised control on. This control network consisted of a number of strategically placed inert and unobtrusive 20mm adhesive reflective targets placed on surrounding steelwork.

Surveyed Locations

Measurements were taken on the ridings rings to:
a) provide accurate vessel centrelines,
b) to check as-built dimensions were within design tolerance, &
c) to check concentricity of the 6 sets (per Reactor) of rings.

Measurements were also be taken on the 6 pairs of bogie supports (per Reactor) to ascertain that the centres of the rollers were in line in relation to each other, along with further readings on the embedded steel on the concrete plinths and other locations deemed critical on the support steelwork.

Result—Reactor set back into Alignment

Data was processed to enable the mechanical contractor to make the necessary adjustments to ensure correct operation of the Reactors.


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  • 3D Model of Bio-Reactors

  • Pivot Axis Alignment

  • Isometric View - Rings As-Built

  • Measured Points