Topographic Surveys

Warner Surveys has been providing topographic and measured building surveys since 1979. Today we provide an ‘end-to-end’ solution for all survey requirements, from project concept to completion for both public and private sector clients. We produce competitively priced, high quality bespoke deliverables on which you can place complete reliance.

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Large or Small Sites, OS or Arbitrary Datums

We undertake all types of land survey, from multi-acre sites for major developments to traditional small ‘back garden’ surveys on local datums. Using High Order GPS equipment, the surveys can be related to true OS National Grid & Datum, or site-centred OS with scale factor of 1 applied (usually preferred on construction building sites). Fully adjusted primary and secondary control networks can be set up when required for future use during the full life of the project.

Back Garden Surveys

This type of survey is usually for an extension to a house, for landscaping purposes or for a small development. Generally delivered to an architect or similar professional, the drawing will be used for planning applications and/or building or landscaping works.

Urban Streetscapes

Town councils, developers, engineers or architects might require a section of streetscape surveyed, modelled and presented as a visualisation in connection with new development, road design or road adoption, or simply for asset management or record purposes.

Multi-Acre Surveys

The requirements and specifications of these projects will vary depending on final use. Examples might include housing or industrial estate developments, land reclamation, production of resource databases or mineral extraction.

3D Ground Modelling, Contours and Volumes

Any survey can be processed and delivered in 2D or 3D. The 3D deliverable can range from just the survey points and break-lines in 3D (to produce DTMs and TIN models) through to fully detailed 3D models for advanced design methods. Contours, volumes and long and cross sections can all be specified, surveyed and delivered.

Heritage Sites and 3D Laser Scanners

Accurate mapping of historic environments, cave complexes, crash or explosion scenes, quarry faces, landfill sites and other surface features can be carried out using 3D laser scanners. Point cloud images from laser scans can be published as Tru-View files on the internet for all interested parties to view and interrogate, and also stored as an accurate historic snapshot of any environment for later use by archaeologists, planners or design teams.






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