Nett Lettable Areas (GEA, GIA & NIA)

Warner Surveys provide all types of real estate and planning surveys to recognised published specifications, or to clients’ bespoke specifications. We provide surveys to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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Professional Solutions to Suit all Parties

The leasing, acquisition or disposal of a Commercial Building usually requires an accurate area statement to be calculated for various legal and cost reasons. Using a professional independent company like Warner Surveys ensures reliable & unbiased information. A variety of different area calculations are available dependent on the clients particular requirements.

Codes of Measuring Practice

The majority of surveys are undertaken in accordance with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice, 6th Edition, 2007. Surveys can also be carried out to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) Code of Measuring Practice, or, if required, any other code of practice.

GEA – Gross External Area Surveys

The area of a building measured to the external face of the external walls. Generally employed by the insurance industry to aid rebuild estimates / costs.

GIA – Gross Internal Area Surveys

The area of a building generally measured to the internal face of the external walls. Generally used for large open plan buildings, such as offices or warehouses.

NIA – Net Internal Area Surveys (or Net ‘Lettable’ Surveys)

The measured area of usable space within a building. Often used in commercial real estate to determine areas available to be let and to determine the applicable rents.

Visual Verification

All Lettable Area Surveys are supplied with an accompanying drawing highlighting the areas used to calculate the stated areas. This is to enable the client to quickly visualise and prove the calculated areas.

NLA1 - GEA - Gross External Area

GEA – Gross External Area

NLA2 - GIA - Gross Internal Area

GIA – Gross Internal Area

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