Oil, Gas & Industrial 3D Laser Scanning

Warner Surveys is very experienced in deploying its wide range of laser scanning services in oil, gas and industrial applications to produce reliable, high quality data that can be used right across your organisation. The benefits to our clients are considerable.

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Desktop Data Can Eliminate Site visits

We have significant experience in providing clients with end-to-end as-built data solutions. We can provide as-built data that enables clients and contractors to study, plan and design for retrofits, expansions, and refurbishments without necessarily needing to visit the site.

Intelligent, Accurate, As-Built Models

Besides accurate geometry models, we can also provide data directly into any AutoCAD or MicroStation-based system without the need for purchasing new and expensive software.  Intelligence can be achieved in a number of ways, including the use of our in-house expertise to mine intelligence from associated P&IDs or legacy design drawings. 

Over 20 Years’ Experience and Excellent Safety Record

We have a lengthy history, as well as an excellent safety track record, of using this system in on-site petrochemical and industrial environments.

3D Laser Scanning Survey Objectives

  • Fast, precise, reliable and cost-effective method for creating, updating and maintaining models, drawings and data
  • Enable designers to work from true existing site conditions in their native design software

Survey Benefits:

  • Scan data replicates the real world status of an asset
  • 3D data modelling improves data sharing and streamlines data maintenance
  • Fully mature technology, trusted by clients
  • Ability to extract traditional documentation (e.g. engineering drawings) from “intelligent” 3D models
  • Cross-departmental use – engineering, maintenance, inspection, training, health and safety, planning, and security can all benefit from the same project
  • Reduced costs from fewer field trips, and a reduced number of fit-up welds and field changes
  • Optimised schedules by reducing data collection time, reducing revamp time due to better construction planning and reducing design time.
  • Increased quality due to lower rework rates, pre-fabrication and better pipe routing plans
  • Improved safety from exposing fewer people to hazards during data collection and reduction in field changes/hot-work

IND1 - Point Cloud of Congested Plant

Point Cloud of Congested Plant

IND2 - 3D CAD Mpodel of Congested Plant

3D CAD Model of Congested Plant

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