3D CAD Modelling & Visualisations

Our CAD Technology Department plays a major role within Warner Surveys carrying out pure CAD projects and supporting all other survey departments. Wherever possible, Warner Surveys carry out our CAD work in-house. This means we can ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards of quality, while also keeping prices competitive.

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CAD Technology Department

Our highly skille resource is capable of dealing with any type of project. From two dimensional plans, elevations and sections, through BIM to large as-built three dimensional models and visualisations of industrial plant, we can create the right deliverable in the right format for your project

Strategic Worldwide Alliances

However, certain projects need a larger resource, and therefore we have established a number of strategic alliances with key companies worldwide within the architectural BIM sector to give us access to a specialist BIM CAD resource. Our resident CAD team is fully trained to be able to carry out full QA/QC on the output received from BIM CAD specialists to ensure the highest quality deliverables.

BIM (Building Information Models)

As an early adopter of BIM we are well placed to play our part in collaborative projects. Whether creating as-built models from surveyed data or simply creating parametric models of individual components for use in BIM related software. We have an understanding and positive solution based approach to this growing industry.

We can process and output data in a number of different software suites, including:

Autodesk               AutoCAD – Revit – 3Ds Max
Bentley                  MicroStation – Architecture
Leica                       Cyclone – Cloudworx – LisCAD
Rhino                      Blender – Pointools
Solid Works, PhotoShop, Aveva LFM, Key TerraFIRMA, etc.

…and delivering data from the above and others in the following 2D & 3D format types:
















3DC1 - CAD Technology Department at Work

CAD Technology Department at Work


3D CAD Model from Point Cloud of Industrial Plant

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