Pro_Ind Storage Tank

Pro_Ind Storage Tank 3

Site Work Complete in One Day

No Contact & no specialist access required
With a few days “off-site” CAD Processing the following information can be reported

  • Tank Walls
  • Roof and Floor Deformation
  • Tank Tilt
  • Ovality
  • Volume
  • Bund Containment Volumes

Tank Movement Monitoring

Fully automated 24 x 7 monitoring of tank movements through the full operating cycle and in all weather conditions. Live web site reporting of all movements and changes with trigger value alarms and notifications.

Tank Desludging and Cleaning

  • Sludge processing
  • Sludge Survey and Sampling
  • Routine Sludge Control
  • API Certified Inspector

Tank Calibrations

By utilising software specifically developed for storage tank calibration we can significantly reduce the time taken to calibrate storage tanks while also providing 3D data sets that can be used for reporting a vast array of dimensional information.

3D Laser Scanning with Wide Range of Deliverables

Laser scanning collects millions of data points on the walls, floor, roof and (if access allows) the internal structure.

While carrying out the scanning of the tank we can also capture accurate data for the surrounding areas, allowing us to look at bund capacity and model spill scenarios.



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