TruView Plot Plan Showing Instrument Locations

Leica “TruView”s of 3D Laser Scan Data

Leica “TruView”s of 3D Laser Scan Data

Leica TruView software

Simple to use over the Web or via local files, Leica TruView software is for everyday professionals who want to easily view and measure rich, laser scan point clouds without having to be an expert in laser scanning, CAD, or 3D

Share Your Project On-line with FREE Viewer

Leica Cyclone Publisher publishes point cloud data for web-based (or off-line) sharing and viewing allowing access to your project for all team members from anywhere in the world.

Using the FREE Leica panoramic point cloud viewer “TruView”, users can view, zoom in, or pan over point clouds naturally and intuitively. Using a simple “panoramic” or “bubble” viewer approach, you see the 3D point clouds of your project on screen just as if you were standing right where the laser scanner captured the data.

Easy Co-Ordinate Extraction, Measuring and Mark-ups

In TruView, users can extract real 3D coordinates and accurately measure distances. Results appear right on the point cloud image. Mark-ups are also easy to create, save and share with the project team or with clients for more effective communications.

Key Highlights of Using Leica TruView:

  • Point Clouds can be uploaded and viewed on-line
  • You see what the 3D Laser Scanner saw
  • Point Clouds can be viewed in b/w or colour (if specified at outset of project)
  • Share the surveyed data with the project team and reduce costly site visits
  • You can navigate through the project as if you were on site
  • 3D Co-Ordinates and accurate dimensions can be made
  • Markups can be made to visually highlight and communicate ideas
  • Point Clouds can be supplied off-line on DVD if preferred


TruView Plot Plan Showing Instrument Locations


View of WLSL Laser Scanning Buckingham Palace


View of 3D Point Cloud Within the FREE TruView Software

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