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They Laughed When We Said It Will Fit First Time……

They Laughed When We Said It Will Fit First Time……

Then they lifted it into position

BAPCO-Bahrain Critical Fit Up Project

Time required to achieve critical interface fit-up between new plenum and existing head:

  • Without Warner Surveys dimensional control = 14 shifts
  • With Warner Surveys dimensional control = 2 shifts

Turnaround Time Reduced

Warner Surveys’ contribution helped to move the plant restart date for this turnaround further forward by days against the anticipated programme for this event.

“We Could Not Have Done it Without You” – Project Manager, BAPCO

Return on investment : Cost for Warner Surveys services for the entire project was approximately 85,000 BD

Project completed on-time, in budget and with 100% safety

First Time Lift & Fit

  • Existing Regenerator head precision measured
  • New plenum precision measured
  • The two were then modelled in 3D AutoCAD to establish the required fit-up
  • The complex shape for the cut was then set-out and made in the lay-down yard and a First Time Lift & Fit achieved on site


Image of Cut Line


Image of Vessel


Extract of CAD Model

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