Typical WLSL Desk

CAD Technology Department

CAD Technology Department

Collaborative Ethos

Client engagement is considered the only way forward at Warner Surveys particularly when undertaking complex CAD or BIM projects. Tick box CAD specification forms are of course useful prompts but collaboration has become the buzz word recently and there is no denying that without Client Engagement and Collaboration – project satisfaction will be difficult to achieve.

So with the above in mind……

CAD Technology Department

Our CAD Technology Department plays a major role within Warner Surveys carrying out pure CAD projects and supporting all other survey departments.

Our highly skilled resource is capable of dealing with any type of project, whether survey related or not. From two dimensional plans, elevations and sections, through BIM to large as-built three dimensional models of plant, we can create the right deliverable in the right format for your project.

Raising Expectations

We recognise the growing need for more advanced and sophisticated project deliverables. We use the full range of Leica and LFM software for processing laser scan data. AutoDesk Revit & AutoCAD, Bentley Architecture & MicroStation and other specialist software are used to tackle the day to day challenges we are faced with.

BIM (Building Information Models)

As an early adopter of BIM we are well placed to play our part in collaborative projects. Whether creating as-built models from surveyed data or simply creating parametric models of individual components for use in BIM related software. We have an understanding and positive solution based approach to this growing industry.

Managing Large Projects

We have a large resource capable of dealing with any project. We take our quality assurance very seriously and are dedicated to making sure you get the right deliverable.


Typical WLSL Desk


3D Model of Plant Room


BIM Project Image


3D CAD Model of Part of Oil Refinery

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CAD Technology Manager
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